Birthplace of Country Music Museum in Bristol – Appalachian Travel Guide

Aptly, my final article in this travel series took me home again. I grew up in Bristol—on the Virginia side, which is very important to note for folks familiar with Tri-Cities lore. As a youngster, I loved to lip sync to Madonna like most 80s girls, but I had no idea about the rich tradition… Read More>

History & Mystery in Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Point Pleasant, West Virginia, is known as the place “Where History and Rivers Meet.” This is because the town boasts historical attractions that are unique to the area. For example, Krodel Park is a celebration of the American Dream and the American Revolution. There is also the memorial of the Battle of Point Pleasant, located… Read More>

Region’s Rich Cultural Heritage Comes to Life at Museum of Appalachia

The peacocks are strutting, the goats are bleating, and the schoolchildren are touring. It’s a typical day at the Museum of Appalachia, where visitors can shop for local goods, tour historic homes, hear old-time music, or simply watch the sheep being sheared. A living history center of the Southern Appalachian region, the Museum of Appalachia… Read More>

An evening of Old Time Music at a stop on the Crooked Road: Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail

I grew up very near the Carter Family Fold, at least by the way the crow flies. Because the road from where I grew up in Bristol to Hiltons is indeed crooked—and one of the most scenic drives you’ll encounter in the mountains—it takes a good forty-five minutes to drive there from my hometown. However… Read More>

Appalachian Travel Guide – Berea Music Series

In the latest installment of the Appalachian Travel Guide we turn to Fahe’s backyard of Berea, KY.  As always, if you’re interested in contributing, leave a comment below or contact Aaron Phelps at How do you make small-town life appealing to a variety of people across different generations?  That was the question on the… Read More>

Fahe’s Appalachian Travel Guide hits the Grand Ole Opry

When I was in high school, I lived under an hour from Nashville. I visited pretty often back then (it was the 90s). Downtown wasn’t a place you’d want to linger in after dark, and it may (or may not) be true that I saw Garth Brooks in concert at the Opry. Fast forward 20… Read More>

Appalachian Travel Guide – Bristol, Virginia

For the next installment of the Appalachian Travel Guide, we welcome back Tina Parker who is a Fahe staff member and published poet. I never gave much thought to country music as a child. Well, I did like the Oak Ridge Boys. Who can resist a tune as catchy “Elvira”? Growing up I never heard… Read More>

Harlan Coal Museum – Appalachian Travel Guide

Harlan Coal Museum           This latest installment of the Appalachian Travel Guide comes from Brad Finn, Fahe’s Collections Manager. Harlan County is steeped in Appalachian History and is home to Fahe Member COAP. The counties in Eastern Kentucky are rich with history and tradition, perhaps none more so than Harlan County… Read More>

Contribute to the Appalachian Travel Guide

I have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on the Appalachian Travel Guide.  I’m really excited that so many people feel strongly about showcasing where we live. While reading some of the feedback, I caught myself thinking that I wish there were more of me to go and visit all these places I have… Read More>

Appalachian Travel Guide: River Place on the Clinch

Welcome to the first installment of the Appalachian Travel Guide. The intent of the ATG is to provide people with glimpse of the beautiful and interesting places I get to visit when I’m on the road collecting stories for Fahe.   I hope that you find it informative and that it whets your appetite to come… Read More>