Fahe Annual Meeting 2022

Save the date for the 2022 Fahe Annual Meeting, September 20-22

at the Meadowview Conference Center in Kingsport, Tennessee!

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Event Registration for Attendees Begins at 11 AM EST on Tuesday, September 20.

Since Fahe Members last convened for our Network’s Annual Meeting in 2021, we’ve seen historic federal action on everything from pandemic economic recovery to a once-in-a-generation investment in infrastructure and essential public services.  Even as communities across Appalachia continue to grapple with pricey housing markets, strained laborforces, economic displacement, and beleaguered public health institutions in the aftermath of COVID-19, a growing awareness of these challenges seems to be taking hold.  Most importantly, the real-world obstacles that Fahe Members have navigated in our own back yards before and during the pandemic may even be garnering the long-overdue attention of policymakers, program-designers, and stakeholders throughout the country.

As these historic factors converge, 2022 and the years that follow promise to be a moment of extraordinary opportunity—for our country, our region, and especially our Network.  Whether our nation can rise to meet this moment will depend on the commitment of local leaders, practitioners, community turnaround experts, and change-agents to harness on-the-ground relationships and insights and ensure that resources are channeled to where they’re needed most. It will rely on building upon past experiences, proven best practices, and shared knowledge to leverage our strength in numbers and capture public momentum, transforming strategy and investments into tangible, lasting impact. Most of all, it will oblige each of us in all of our communities to demonstrate our collective willpower to choose action in a moment that demands leadership and eagerly embrace the responsibility for modeling the change we seek to see in Appalachia, one neighborhood at a time.  

Miss the 2021 Fahe Annual Meeting?

Check out a sampling of some of the insightful presentations for our Members and attendees, both from Fahe leadership and from key thought-leaders and decision-makers in the economic development and community revitalization space!

Building New Partnerships & Workforce Development Innovation with Ken Mall

Closing Remarks from the President

Fahe Awards Ceremony

 Partnerships in Appalachian Prosperity with ARC Co-Chair Gayle Manchin

President’s Report