A Notice to Fahe Loan Servicing Clients on Bill Pay Services

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Bill Pay Services Can Result in Late Mortgage Payments

Recently we have noticed an upswing in Fahe Loan Servicing clients using a website called Doxo to pay their loans. We advise our clients NOT to use Doxo or other bill paying services because it has been our experience that your payments arrive late.

Fahe Does Not Authorize Bill Pay Services

These services create directories that allow users to upload the names and addresses of Loan Servicing companies and these listings can appear to be official pages for the company.  These directories can be misleading and many customers are unaware of the delay on important payments.

Save Your Money

Doxo and other bill pay services charge a convenience fee to pay your bills for you.  Then, many will cut a physical paper check and mail it to the correct company.  However, this takes time and there have been reported delays up to two weeks before mortgage checks arrive.  These delays can result in late fees and other penalties on mortgage payments, which costs more money.

So by using a bill pay service, you’re actually paying more money than you expect, both in convenience fees and late fees.  We understand that many of our customers are on fixed incomes and cannot afford to have extra, hidden fees.

Pay Your Bill on Time

Despite an incorrect listing on Doxo, Fahe takes payments directly through the mail, over the phone, and online.  We recommend our autopay system to avoid missed payments and late fees.

The Fahe Loan Servicing team values each of our customers and we want what’s best for them.  That includes saving you money!

If you have used a bill pay service and have questions about your mortgage or want to enroll in Fahe’s autopay system, please contact us at 888-969-1399 or visit https://fahe.org/myfaheloan

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