2018 CHEF Reflections – Zakary Sholtz, Fahe

Community Housing & Economic Fellowship (CHEF) Internship Program 2018
August 3, 2018
2018 CHEF Reflections – Kate Noland, Appalachia Service Project
August 31, 2018
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Zakary Sholtz, Fahe CHEF intern

My name is Zakary Sholtz, and I am from Oak Ridge, TN. I have spent a majority of my life poor, with a family earning of $11,000 a year. Because of that I have struggled with education and social status. However, through the moral support of my family and friends I have overcome and am now in my final year of Berea College. I work hard to be the best I can at everything I try, and that has propelled me to where I am now.

My experience in the Appalachian region has been one of constant movement and loss but ultimately a sense of home. East Tennessee is where I call my home and will return there when I have the stability to prosper. This summer I am serving the KY community. While my main ties are with Berea, I have traveled to many rural areas in KY through my work with Entrepreneurs for the Public Good (EPG). I hope to continue the goals I set during my time with EPG with the work I am doing now.

I’m excited to be working with Fahe.  The CHEF tour we took on the first week was very helpful in giving me a feel of Fahe’s reach and what Fahe is really responsible for. I enjoyed the tour greatly and believe I am much better off now than I was before the tour. It put things into perspective, and allowed me to see some of the people behind all of the great work.

Fahe's CHEF (Community Housing & Economic Fellowship) Interns participate in a 12-week summer program designed to provide internship opportunities for emerging professionals within the Appalachian region. With support from Rural LISC, Fahe's CHEF Program connects Appalachian students to internships within Fahe's nonprofit Member Network, creating opportunities to develop and retain leaders who will shape our region’s future. Rural LISC

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