Fahe Open House

In 2014, Fahe has reached two significant milestones. The first was meeting and beating our production challenge set in 2005. We set out to produce 8,000 units of housing a year across the network by 2015 and through the dedication of our members we instead accomplished 8,725 in 2014, both exceeding the original goal in […]

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Don’t Get Above Your Raising

“Don’t get above your raising.” That was a phrase Fahe’s Director of Human Resources, Norma Bartruff, grew up hearing from her uncle, Bob, in Wolfe County, KY. “For me, that phrase meant stay grounded,” said Norma. “Don’t forget where you come from. Remember your family.”

Norma’s uncle, aunt, and mother grew up poor near the banks […]

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Could Tim Howard Save Appalachia?


Thanks to North America’s World Cup game against Belgium, America’s goalie Tim Howard became an Internet superstar.   The trending hashtag #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave has opened up a floodgate to a deluge of pictures and gifs showing Tim Howard saving everything from the dinosaurs to the Titanic.  Someone has even listed him in Wikipedia as the “Secretary of Defense”. […]

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Fahe Spring Meeting 2014

On May 20th we held our annual Fahe Spring Meeting for the membership.  This is one of the two official times of the year that our full membership from all six states gets a chance to come under one roof for fellowship and education.  This year’s event was made even more special because we collaborated […]

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Homemade Stress


Everyone experiences some type of stress at home – the dishes are dirty, the kids are fighting, the lawn still hasn’t mowed itself (and unfortunately probably never will). The previous examples are small stressors and in most cases can be fixed relatively quickly and easily.  However, the conditions of some homes can equal big time […]

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Fahe Reaches 55 Members

Fahe is proud to announce our 55th member, Garrett County Community Action Committee of Oakland, Maryland (GCCAC).

Since 1956, GCCAC has been helping to build a better community by providing essential services that improve the quality of life for residents in Garrett County.  They focus on helping low-income persons become more self-sufficient.

GCCAC provides many different services […]

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New Office

Fahe has outgrown its current facilities and in order to continue to grow and provide quality service to the people of Appalachia, Fahe will soon be moving to a new location.  We currently work from three different buildings and we’re all excited to be under one roof by midyear.

The new facility will serve not only […]

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Do Jobs Buy Opportunity?

Take a moment and think back to when you were a child and recall the big dream that you knew you were destined to achieve when you became an adult.  Think about that dream for a moment. Let it linger. Embrace it.

Some of you reading this have gone forward and achieved that dream.  You climbed […]

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Rising Energy Costs

The winter months are the toughest on household utility bills, especially with rising energy costs.  Appalachia’s middle class is poor by the national average and many can barely afford the day to day necessitates much less the extra cost of attempting to heat a home with little to no insulation.   For low-income families in Appalachia, […]

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New Beginnings

2014 will be an exciting time for Fahe.  In 2013 we helped thousands of families through community building and homeownership.  We hope to increase the number from our previous year and continue to set the bar higher.    There are several exciting events coming this year including:

Hickory Hill Recovery Center for Men  – This is currently […]

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