About Aaron Phelps

Aaron collects stories from Fahe Members and the people they help in order to present the needs of Appalachia to the public through written word and video. In his free time he nerds it up by playing RPGs, writing fantasy stories, and playing drums.

Determination Leads to Success

As a young, single mother, Marissa desired for two things above all else: a safe home for her son and for her life to not become a statistic.

The path to Marissa’s dreams was not a clear course.  She had her son one month before turning 17 while still in high school, her father was laid […]

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Single Father Finds Home

Jeff is a single father of four children – two sons ages 16 and 10, and twin daughters who are 15.  He’s always dreamed of owning a home large enough for his family to live comfortably and in a safe neighborhood where his children would have a chance to be part of a healthy community.  And […]

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New Year’s Resolution

Happy 2016!  The new year brings enthusiasm, optimism, and resolutions for the future. The problem with a lot of these goals is that we make them to ourselves, about ourselves and they lack accountability.  What if your New Year’s resolution wasn’t about simply exercising more but involved helping to improve someone else’s life?  Studies have […]

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Thank You for Your Support

The greatest gift of the season is the knowledge that you have helped change someone’s life for the better.  As a small thank you during the Christmas season we wanted to share some of the sentiments from families that have been helped through the Fahe Network during 2015.  Without your continued support of Appalachia, the […]

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Central Crossings Development

Your continued support of Fahe allows us to change lives in Appalachia.  We impact the lives of thousands of Appalachians every year.  Among those are the elderly, who make up one of the most vulnerable groups in our country.  There are over 215,000 elderly people living in poverty in Central Appalachia. Ms. Geneva Lewis is […]

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Thanks From a Dedicated Homeowner

Owning a home is one of the most important decisions a person  can make in their life.   While we at Fahe work with home buyers to make sure they are ready before they make the first step, there are still life events that crop up which can put a strain on finances and priorities.  While […]

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Third Party Origination

Fahe is proud to announce that our first Third Party Origination (TPO) loan through Fahe’s mortgage branch, JustChoice Lending (JCL) and Chase Bank was submitted by Frontier Housing with Kelly Fleck as the originator.  Keith Manning was the applicant and he purchased a home in Morehead, Kentucky.  The loan closed on October 28th and was […]

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Meet Shelby Rector

There are many programs available that help provide needed funding for low-income families.  Without the experience and deep community connections that Fahe provides, thousands of families would potentially never have access to these resources.  One such program that has proven vital to Appalachian families is the HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) program.   It provides assistance to […]

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New Report Highlights Need for Critical Affordable Housing Program in Central Appalachia

A new national report, Building HOME: The HOME Investment Partnership Program’s Impact on America’s Families and Communities highlights the significance of the HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) program in Central Appalachia’s most vulnerable communities. The first-of–its kind report analyzes the economic impact of the HOME program in the States that Fahe serves – Kentucky, Tennessee, West […]

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Fahe Celebrates 35 Years

FAHE IS 35 YEARS OLD! That is 35 years of collaboration across Appalachia.  That is 35 years of helping families with housing they can afford.  That is 35 years of working with non-profits, local governments, and the people who live here to bring positive change in the form of housing, jobs, and community development.  We […]

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